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«I might be a wrinkly old duffer, but it means I’ve been around a bit. And if I’ve learnt anything - there are only two things in life worth a hoot: love and good hot dinner. Time you gave them both some thought, don’t you think?» (Delicious 2013)



Louise Brealey: I’m still rubbish at getting rubber gloves on and off, even though I’ve worn them in about eight things now. I am quite good at putting things down on a pad and nodding. [insp.]

Cute. :3

I <3 her so much!

This hadn’t been part of the plan.

Captain Molly Hooper prided herself in being always practical, and the kidnap of Lord Holmes had been completely practical: kidnap, ask for ransom, sail into the sunset with enough to bankroll her crew through another winter.

And now, here she was, getting ready to haul off a proper Navy vessel, empty-handed in all the worst ways and without a real plan all because she hadn’t been careful enough not to fall in love.


She paused, knowing full well that she shouldn’t as she could hear the alert going up around the ship that she’d escaped and her crew was urging her to come across to her ship quickly.

But Sherlock Holmes was calling her, and she found herself waiting for him to reach her.

"Molly, don’t you dare leave me behind," he nearly snarled, shucking off his coat as he prepared to jump in the water after her.

She was out of time, and suddenly, she did have a plan.

Molly pulled him towards her, crushing their lips together as she kissed him thoroughly, making sure that her taste would linger with him long enough to get them through their separation.

"I will find you, Sherlock Holmes. I will come for you,” she promised.

And with a tug of her wrist, she was lifted away, the last glimpse of his shocked face making her smirk.